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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Fidznet

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( Mohammad Hafidz )

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Fidznet ist ein Designstudio, das sich auf Logo-, Markenidentitäts- und Webdesign spezialisiert hat. Darüber hinaus arbeiten wir auch an verschiedenen anderen Grafikdesignprojekten, einschließlich Social-Media-Design und mehr. Wir sind offen für Designprojekte. Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.

Lehrstuhl Abstract C

The logo concept features a line art representation of a chair creatively forming an abstract letter "C." The design combines simplicity and abstraction, showcasing a blend of functionality and modern aesthetics. The visual appeal lies in the minimalist yet artistic representation of a chair, symbolizing comfort, style, and innovation.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in the furniture industry, interior design, or any field where a modern and artistic visual identity is crucial. It is ideal for brands that prioritize both functionality and contemporary design.


R Modernes Haus

The logo concept features an abstract and bold letter "R" in a modern and minimalistic design. The utilization of negative space within the letter creates a symbolic representation of a house. The concept strikes a balance between simplicity and modernity, communicating a distinctive and forward-thinking visual identity.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in the real estate industry, architecture firms, or any field where a modern, minimalistic, and memorable brand image is crucial.


Luxuriöser Pferderahmen

The logo concept features the profile of a horse's head elegantly emerging from a square frame, creating a visually striking and luxurious design. The side view enhances the regality and elegance of the horse, while the square frame adds a sense of structure and exclusivity. The overall style exudes sophistication and luxury.
This logo concept is exceptionally well-suited for businesses in the equestrian industry, high-end brands, or any field that prioritizes an elegant and luxurious visual identity.


Eleganz Pferd Q

The logo concept features a simple, elegant, and beautiful representation of a horse's head, seamlessly integrated to form the letter "Q." The design combines grace and sophistication, symbolizing a harmonious fusion of strength and beauty. The horse's head doubles as a stylized "Q," creating a visually stunning and memorable logo.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in the equestrian industry, luxury brands, or any field that values elegance, beauty, and a touch of sophistication.



The logo concept integrates the letter "T" and the numeral "1" within the silhouette of a shield. This design symbolizes strength, protection, and a sense of leadership. The combination of the letter and number indicates a unique identity, while the shield emphasizes security and reliability, portraying a business committed to safeguarding and leading in its field.
This logo concept is particularly well-suited for businesses operating in various sectors, including security services, leadership coaching, or any industry where trust, strength, and protection are fundamental values.


Nummer 1 Dokument-Häkchen

The logo concept combines the numeral "1" with elements of a document and a checkmark, creating a symbolic representation of efficiency, accuracy, and excellence. The integration of these elements signifies a commitment to being the top choice and a reliable partner. The checkmark reflects completion and approval, aligning with the idea of delivering exceptional and trustworthy services.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in various industries, including consulting, quality assurance, documentation services, and any field where accuracy, reliability, and excellence are essential.


Schnelles Pferderennen

The logo concept depicts the powerful and dynamic image of a male horse's head in full gallop, capturing the essence of strength, speed, and vitality. The flowing mane and determined expression convey a sense of energy and motion, symbolizing a relentless pursuit of excellence.
This logo concept is particularly suitable for businesses associated with equestrian sports, horse racing, or any industry that emphasizes speed, power, and a spirited approach. It can also be used for brands aiming to project qualities such as determination, vigor, and excellence.


Technologie S Sechseck

The logo concept is a representation of technology, composed of interconnected hexagonal structures. Several of these structures are linked by pathways, forming the distinctive shape of the letter "S." The design emphasizes connectivity, precision, and a networked approach, symbolizing a forward-thinking and technologically advanced identity.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in the technology sector, especially those involved in software development, networking solutions, and any industry that values innovation, connectivity, and intricate design.


Techno Eye Letter S

The logo concept embodies a modern technological aesthetic, featuring a fusion of an eye shape, DNA strands, and the letter "S." The design signifies a visionary approach to technology, symbolizing innovation, insight, and a sophisticated understanding of the intricate DNA of modern advancements. The sleek and contemporary style aims to convey a cutting-edge and forward-thinking image.
This logo concept is well-suited for businesses in the technology and biotechnology sectors, particularly those engaged in genetic research, data science, and innovative technological solutions.


Bauernhof-Logo mit Ziegen-Hühnerberg

The concept for this logo is a simple and versatile one-color design that encapsulates the essence of a farm. The key elements include a barn, goat, chicken, farmland, and a mountain. The simplicity of the design allows for easy application across various media, reflecting a clean and adaptable visual identity for the farm.
This logo concept is highly suitable for businesses in the agriculture and farming sector. It can be utilized by farms, agricultural products, or any entity associated with sustainable farming practices.



This logo concept exudes a modern luxury aesthetic, combining elements of abstract wings, letter M, and circles. The design captures a harmonious fusion of sophistication and contemporary style. The abstract wings convey a sense of freedom and aspiration, while the overall composition, including letters and circles, adds a touch of elegance and modernity.
This logo concept is particularly well-suited for businesses operating in upscale industries such as fashion, luxury goods, lifestyle brands, and any field that aims to project a modern, sophisticated image.


S Globe-Technologie

The logo concept is a representation of interconnected nodes forming a globe, symbolizing the seamless connectivity and global impact of technology. The negative space within the globe takes the shape of the letter "S," adding a subtle and sophisticated touch. This design conveys a sense of technological integration, global reach, and innovation.
This logo concept is ideal for businesses operating in the technology sector, particularly those emphasizing global connectivity, networking, and innovation. It is well-suited for companies involved in software development, telecommunications, and any tech-driven industry.


Monogramm Jh Eleganter Luxus

The concept of this logo revolves around the harmonious integration of the letters "J" and "H" to form a distinctive and elegant monogram. The design is characterized by its simplicity and modern aesthetic, reflecting a sophisticated and timeless feel. The clean lines and sleek structure emphasize a sense of professionalism while maintaining a visually appealing and memorable identity.
This logo concept is particularly suitable for businesses operating in upscale and modern industries such as fashion, design, technology, or any field where a contemporary and refined image is essential.


Flexibler, flüssiger Buchstabe M

This logo concept features a beautiful and flexible letter M with fluid and dynamic elements, creating a visually engaging and versatile design.

Perfect for businesses in the creative industry, graphic design, and any field looking for a visually dynamic and flexible brand image.


Wunderschöne Strichzeichnungen-Antilope

This logo concept features a beautiful and elegant minimalist line art representation of an antelope, exuding luxury and sophistication.

Perfect for luxury brands, fashion, beauty, and any business seeking an elegant and sophisticated visual identity.


Wings Barbershop
Wings Barbershop

This logo concept presents a barbershop emblem where a pair of scissors seamlessly integrates with wings, all centered around a classic barber signpost.

Perfect for barbershops, hair salons, grooming services, or any business related to the beauty and personal care industry.

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Buchstabe S oder H-Technologie-Logo

This logo concept features hexagonal nodes connected by straight lines to form the letters S or H. The design exudes a technology vibe, symbolizing connectivity, precision, and innovation.

Ideal for technology companies, software development, networking solutions, or any industry emphasizing connectivity and advanced solutions.



This unique logo concept features a stylized oak tree, where both the trunk and the branches exhibit elegant, curly forms. The design conveys a blend of sophistication and organic aesthetics, symbolizing growth and resilience.

Perfect for businesses related to landscaping, environmental conservation, or any industry where a combination of natural beauty and refined design is desired.


Buchstabe Z oder 2 Pferd

This dynamic logo concept showcases the head of a horse artfully shaping the form of either the letter Z or the numeral 2. The design brings together elements of equine strength and a subtle numerical touch, creating a visually engaging and versatile identity.

Ideal for businesses related to horse breeding, equestrian sports, or any industry where a blend of dynamic energy and numerical symbolism is desired.


Buchstabe O oder Q Pferd

This elegant logo concept features the graceful silhouette of a horse's head, intricately forming the shape of either the letter O or Q. The design aims to convey a sense of beauty, strength, and a touch of sophistication.

Perfect for businesses in the equestrian industry, luxury equine services, or any venture seeking to project a blend of grace and strength.


Emblem-Logo mit Strandschildkrötenkreuzfahrt

This emblem logo concept features a picturesque scene incorporating a beach, a turtle, a cruise ship, and a captivating sunset. The design aims to evoke a sense of relaxation, maritime adventure, and the beauty of coastal sunsets.

Ideal for businesses in the travel industry, cruise companies, coastal resorts, or any venture promoting leisure, sea exploration, and tropical getaways.


Berghütte, Wald, Bach, Oder, See

This emblem logo concept depicts a harmonious scene featuring a cabin nestled in a forest, surrounded by mountains, and overlooking a serene lake. The design aims to convey a sense of tranquility, natural beauty, and an escape into the wilderness.

Perfect for businesses related to eco-friendly retreats, nature resorts, adventure tourism, or any industry focusing on environmental harmony and outdoor experiences.



This logo concept features a modern and sleek silhouette of the head of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, creatively forming a circle or the letter "O." The design encapsulates a sense of contemporary simplicity while capturing the mythical and majestic qualities associated with Pegasus.

Ideal for businesses related to fantasy literature, entertainment, or any industry seeking a balance between modern aesthetics and mythical allure.


Delphin O Ozean

This logo concept features the elegant silhouette of a dolphin forming the letter "O" with graceful and artistic contours. The design captures the beauty and fluidity of the marine world, creating a distinctive and visually appealing representation.

Ideal for businesses associated with marine conservation, aquatic entertainment, or any industry that values a dynamic and graceful image.