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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from HFDesign

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Bagger mit Buchstabe D

Creating the letter 'D' resembling an excavator's hand can be an intriguing and relevant logo design idea for your industry


Der S-förmige Händedruck

This logo is a visual representation of two people shaking hands, with its shape forming the letter "S" as its focal point. The design reflects the values of solidarity, collaboration, and unity.


Sicher graben

This logo features a shield symbolizing protection, security, and bravery. Inside the shield, there is a shovel shape created using negative space, representing the ability to protect and pursue. The design is simple, easy to remember, and versatile.


Die symbolische Eichel

incorporating an acorn representing growth, resilience, and stability-an oak tree symbol often associated with longevity and strong roots denoting stability. The shield symbolizes protection and safety, guarding against dangers and risks. Within the shield, the illusion of neatly arranged compartments alludes to the organization's efficient storage of information, knowledge, and resources. The logo's overall design forming an acorn accentuates unity and integration among its elements, reflecting the entity's vision for strength, stability, and security while maintaining a focus on continuous growth and development. As with all logos, interpretations may vary depending on context and individual perception, but this logo seamlessly merges essential elements that support the organization's values and vision.


Das symbolische Adler-Emblem

The Egle logo is a design that combines the elements of a circle with the powerful and resilient form of an eagle. With an elegant and dynamic touch, this logo creates a bold and commanding impression.


Das Omega-Blatt-Logo

This logos focuses on the Greek symbol 'omega' (Ω) with a leaf inside its negative space. The 'omega' symbol represents energy and engineering, while the leaf symbolizes sustainability and environmental focus.