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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Loggo

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Café Alami

Logo in the shape of a teacup. Composed of several elements such as leaves that form a cup, curved lines lined up (the contents of the cup, can be tea or coffee) and a roof that is identical to the cafe. It is suitable for those who start a cafe, coffee shop and so on.


Kaffeebohnen und Tasse

The logo is composed of coffee beans and a cup in a minimalistic and modern way. Suitable for those of you who have a caffe coffee packaging business or a coffee shop


Y- und N-Logo

A minimalist logo composed of the letters Y and N. Elegant and easy to remember and applicable in various media


S und P oder stilvolles S-Logo

A logo composed of the letters S for the upper indentation and P for the lower indentation. Minimalist and elegant. This logo can also be called an ambigram logo because if it is rotated 180* , the logo will not change its shape


T- und R-Logo minimalistisch

A logo composed of the letters T and R in a minimalist and memorable way. This logo is also classified as an ambigram logo because it can be rotated 180* and does not change the shape of the logo.