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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Bang Raihan Logo

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The logo is formed from the silhouette of the head of a big nose monkey or commonly called 'bekantan', which is one of the endemic animals in West Kalimantan.


Die Krähe auf dem Box-Logo
Die Krähe auf dem Box-Logo

This logo is a combination of a crow in a box with a modern appearance and a distinctive crow shape

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Huhn und Blitz-Logo

This logo is a combination of a chicken and a lightning symbol in a modern, cheerful and simple style. This logo also has the letter T on the chicken's head. However, if you don't want to use the letter T, it can be overcome by changing the comb under the chicken's beak into the lung part.


King Fish-Logo

The main logo is an image of a fish whose head is covered by a crown, with a unique, elegant and fresh logo style that gives a modern and professional impression.



The main symbol is a picture of a bear holding coffee beans with both hands, giving a warm impression, very suitable for a modern and contemporary coffee brand.