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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from tigalima

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( Sahiq Azhar )

New Designer

Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf meinem Konto

Ich bin Logodesigner, Betriebswirt und Managementtrainer

Design ist eine meiner Leidenschaften, im letzten Jahr habe ich mich auf das Logo-Design konzentriert

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie Ihre Gedanken zu Ihrem Logo-Design mit mir teilen möchten

Hilfe benötigen?
Ich bin genau hier, Kumpel


Two diamonds combines and also could be as an infinity diamond designed with snowflake, This logo is good for any brands


Buchstabe J-Papier

Letter J combines with a rolling paper in a pentagon shape, this logo is designed with a vintage style, good for any brands


Omega Bull

Bull and omega symbol merge into one, this logo is telling us about strength and power
This logo is minimalist, memorable and clean, ready for any brands


Horn Omega

Horn and omega symbol merge into one, this logo is telling us about strength and dignity
This logo is simple and clean, good for any brands


Seltsame Fischgräte

Unique and memorable fishbone designed this logo is good for entertainment media, creative media, merchandise and any relate company


Schwert auf dem Boden

Sword hits the ground with a little plant beside and sun as the background means that starting the new one after the war was over and you won the battle


Pünktliche Lieferung

Moving or flying mail fusions with a clock inside, this logo is minimalist and memorable good any brands especially for delivery order, dropshipping and more


Buchstabe A Bulle

Letter A designed like a house and bull head as a sign that this logo create for bull or buffalo or cow and any relate ranch company


Buchstabe S oder Mw

Letter S or MW designed by minimalist and monoline concept, this logo is ready for any brands


Buchstabe N Minimal

Minimalist and modern letter N design concept, good for any companies


Buchstabe L-Häkchen

Letter L combines with a check mark symbol, representing a perfect company, qualified company and trusted company


Buchstabe G Stern

Four letter G fusion into one form and create a star inside of it, good for any companies


Fürsorgliche Hand

This logo is consist of four hands that connected each other as the represent of caring, you can use this logo to any brands that relate to health or medical issue


Morgen wachsen

a simple design concept of growing plant in the morning, this logo is telling us about growth, environment, go green and it is suitable for any brand that relate to plant or go green



A simple and unique design using a great combination of hands and goals, this logo can be used for any company


Buchstabe K

The letter K is designed using monoline style, it is a unique and memorable logo, it can be used for any company


Brief des Floristen M

Nice mix of letter M and flower, this logo tells about growing flowers or florist, this logo can be used for beauty, property, fashion, school and more


Frau Brief

Minimal N and N letter design with line style, this logo is suitable for any brand


Buchstabe A Fledermausflügel

Letter A combined with bat wings, this logo is simple and easy to remember, it can be used for any brand


Buchstabe B Blume

The letter B mixed with growing flowers, this logo is unique, clean, memorable and ready for any branding related to plants or nature


Vm und Flügel

Letter V and letter M are combined with the wings of birds, looking stylish and modern. This logo is suitable for all business


Zitat Vogel

The bird's head is combined with a qoute symbol looks fresh and growing green color. This logo can be used for chat apps, wildlife breeding, and other businesses


Herr Eiscreme

This logo was inspired by an ice cream seller of Turkish origin, which is attractive and a center of attention. You can use this logo in the field of food and beverage franchise business, ice cream café, ice cream specialty restaurant



a combination of two different objects, namely the eye and the atom. Atoms themselves are the smallest molecules that exist in all places. This logo is designed for those of you who are struggling in the chemical industry, laboratories, and other fields related to the world of science